Rescuers from Lviv made a working visit to their Polish colleagues

10.03.2020 13:21

The delegation of the Zhidachiv District Council, which also included local rescuers, recently visited the twin town of Sanok in the Republic of Poland.

The commander of the Sanok Fire Department, Junior Brigadier Grzegorz Olenyac, greeted the guests and presented the work of the fire department. During the meeting, it was possible to exchange experiences in the field of protection of the population against threats of various nature. Both Ukrainian and Polish participants of the meeting presented their areas of activity and functions in the system of internal security of the state.

Ukrainian rescuers were briefed on the procedure, principles of work and the scope of duties of the Fire Department Commandant, including the rescue unit. In addition, the operational and technical capabilities of Polish fire fighters were presented.

A real partnership and friendship has been formed between the firefighters of the Zhidachiv and Sanok twin cities, which will help to jointly care for the safety of the population in these regions.

Particularly gratifying is the fact that the Polish colleagues have declared their intention to contribute to the strengthening of the material base of the fire department of the town of Zhydachiv.




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