In Ternopil region rescuers were checked for COVID-19

27.03.2020 11:27

In the Ternopil region the health of rescuers working in the area of the greatest spread of coronavirus infection was checked.

On March 27, the COVID-19 detection tests in the Monastyrysky district were conducted by employees of the 19th State Fire and Rescue Unit and the district control department of the SES in Ternopil region.

It was in this area that most patients with coronavirus infection were recorded in Ternopil region.

Together with medics, SESU work in a risk area and provide assistance to the population. To prevent the spread of a dangerous virus, rescuers regularly alert people.

Special rescue vehicles are running through the streets of settlements. Through the loudspeakers, SESU staff remind them of security measures and carry out street sanitation. Special solutions disinfect the premises of churches, local grocery stores, village councils, gas stations, and other crowded sites. Particular attention is paid to medical facilities and ambulances that transport suspected COVID-19 people.

At the same time, the employees of the rescue service adhere to all sanitary norms and requirements of personal safety, work in special protective suits, gloves and masks. After completing the tasks, they undergo a disinfection procedure, and equipment and special equipment are processed.

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